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Ignite Literacy by Singing at the Library

For the month of September, Leap Little Frog is hopping around a library theme. This third installment features Matt Heaton and his thoughts on how library music events can ignite literacy and connect parents, kids, and community. Hey there, bub, Yeah, you in the tub,...

The Private and Public Oasis of the Library

For the month of September, Leap Little Frog is hopping around a library theme. For this second installment, photographer Leo Hsu helps us reflect on how libraries feed community life. Free to the People, Leo Hsu’s series of documentary portraits taken in...

Building a Habitat One Spoonful at a Time

Guys, this is not an ad. But every once and a while I like to share info on products that are great for my family, in case they can brighten your days, too: Here at Leap Little Frog, we talk about building a safe, sustaining habitat–this is sometimes a metaphor...

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About Shannon & Leap

Whether you're a prolific artist or just finding your own expressive voice (and whether you have 4 or no kids), you're bound to have hit some challenges. Please, I can't be alone!

I'm an independent musician searching for balance at home and onstage. Here, on my virtual lily pad, I share successes and failures. Stuff I've learned and tried with my husband and kid on four continents.

By sharing my own thoughts and guest posts from fellow artists, I hope to build a small refuge of reassurance, with strategies for finding serenity and ease.

Please leave comments. Join the newsletter. Share your own ideas. Ask for advice. Tell us what ails you, and let us all weigh in. Like frogs, it's more fun when we leap together.

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