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Building a Habitat One Spoonful at a Time

Guys, this is not an ad. But every once and a while I like to share info on products that are great for my family, in case they can brighten your days, too: Here at Leap Little Frog, we talk about building a safe, sustaining habitat–this is sometimes a metaphor...

Road-Tested Secrets for Touring with Kids

Whether you’re trekking around with young people from gig to gig, or just going to visit family in Pittsburgh, it helps to have road-tested travel hacks. These tour tips from Sam Amidon may not be known to everybody… yet: Warning: the Hamilton soundtrack...

Manifest Good Luck with Sarcasm and Spite

I do NOT want to hear this when I’m feeling dark: “Life is a lot easier and more enjoyable when you have a positive mental attitude.” Instead, here was a recent approach, which brought a fairly bright and possibly more sustainable outcome. Ever feel...

How to Pack Pleasing and Pragmatic Errand Bags

Whether you’re running around your own town for the afternoon or taking a day trip from your Northern Thai hostel to ride elephants, you can boost your comfort and ability to meet unexpected challenges by taking along appropriate essentials. Here’s how to...

About Shannon & Leap

I began Leap Little Frog to croak out frustrations about finding balance with creative work, building a home/community, and traveling. Occasionally I'd also chirp about successes. When guitarist Matt and I had our own little frog, parenting became another important blog topic.

As I continue to explore elusive notions of balance, I'm bringing in more guest bloggers. Many of us are working to build a sustainable habitat/community/outlook, stay creative (croak it out), and travel (leap forth) with ease. And many of us are doing it with kids. Like frogs, we adapt best and we stay safe when we work together.

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