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How One Singer Manages Career and Family

December is CREATIVE HABITAT month. I’m looking at ways artistic people manage to make fulfilling lives, despite and also because of structures and limitations. Guest blogger Zara Bode shares her story of touring with a kid. You don’t need to be a touring...

How to Help Kids Soar at Factory School

December is CREATIVE HABITAT month. I’m looking at how artistic people make fulfilling lives, despite and also because of structures and limitations. Guest blogger Clare Tallon Ruen shares her story about how and why she balances public school for her kids with...

How to Make Your Own Music

November has been all about Kid Music at Leap Little Frog. For this last November installment, guest blogger Matt Heaton inspires readers to dig in and make their own music. It doesn’t matter how it sounds. It only matters that it’s fun! Got the music bug?...

How to Instill a Love of Music

November is Kid Music month. For this Thanksgiving week post, guest blogger Matt Heaton reminds us that it’s never too soon–and it’s never too late–to enjoy music together. Listening to music is natural during family gatherings. Here are some...

How to Find High Quality Music for Kids

November is Kid Music month! Next week, Lissa Schneckenburger helps us gear up for Thanksgiving travel with kids in tow. And on this Election day, which is all about CHOICE, Matt Heaton shares ideas on where/how to find good music to listen to with kids. He encourages...

How to Get the Most Out of a Free Sing-along

November is Kid Music month. I’ve invited guest blogger Matt Heaton to consider music made for kids, music made with kids, and the bigger picture of feeding all souls with music, and musician/parent Lissa Schneckenburger to offer tips for Thanksgiving travel...

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About Shannon & Leap

Whether you're a prolific artist or just finding your own expressive voice (and whether you have 4 or no kids), you're bound to have hit some challenges. Please, I can't be alone!

I'm an independent musician searching for balance at home and onstage. Here, on my virtual lily pad, I share successes and failures. Stuff I've learned and tried with my husband and kid on four continents.

By sharing my own thoughts and guest posts from fellow artists, I hope to build a small refuge of reassurance, with strategies for finding serenity and ease.

Please leave comments. Join the newsletter. Share your own ideas. Ask for advice. Tell us what ails you, and let us all weigh in. Like frogs, it's more fun when we leap together.

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