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5 Creative Christmas Gifts

Whee! The holiday season begins for me on December 1st (when I play the first Matt & Shannon Heaton "Fine Winter's Night" concert of the year). In case you are also tucking into the Christmas season this week, here are a few harmonious gift ideas, for the music...

Time to Leap

My creative mind has been overactive lately, and I've started a novel. An involuntary reaction to the political dis-ease and the natural disasters around the globe? I'm going with it, and Leap is going with me: I started Leap Little Frog back in January 2008. Obama...

How To Create More By Welcoming the Pauses

I know a lot of parents (like me) who feel stretched really, really thin. There's not a lot of time for routine tasks, let alone big personal creative projects. Here's how I'm chipping away at a few grand endeavors. And how my yoga teacher reminded me that...

Finding Focus From the Bottom Up

Working in unity doesn't mean unabashed agreement and lack of strife. When we consider a broader perspective... and then train our collective creativity on smaller common goals, we can tackle mountains of problems. Boston and Medford Public Schools have...

International Women’s Day is a Sham

In my last post, I chose to dial in light. I'm still pro goodness and optimism. But one way to brightness for me is to be honest, and to envision a time when we don't need to fix inequity with a token Women's Day or Black History Month. Let's celebrate and honor real...

Light Always Matters

It's been a busy, dispiriting winter. The big political picture seems very dark; and lots of snow in Boston has added to that squished feeling. So assembling my first episode of Irish Music Stories has helped me find some light in this bleak Midwinter: I went to...

The Power of Writing it Down

After a week in Ireland I came home to a handful of mail. In addition to a bank statement and a Chinese restaurant coupon, I also had a few personal LETTERS. Not holiday cards, letters. Juicy, handwritten, thoughts from a few dear friends. It's inspired me to respond...

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Whether you're a prolific artist or just finding your own expressive voice (and whether you have 4 or no kids), you're bound to have hit some challenges. Please, I can't be alone!

I'm an independent musician searching for balance at home and onstage. Here, on my virtual lily pad, I share successes and failures. Stuff I've learned and tried with my husband and kid on four continents.

By sharing my own thoughts and guest posts from fellow artists, I hope to build a small refuge of reassurance, with strategies for finding serenity and ease.

Please leave comments. Join the newsletter. Share your own ideas. Ask for advice. Tell us what ails you, and let us all weigh in. Like frogs, it's more fun when we leap together.

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