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Two quick ones for April here.

My new friend Bob recently sent this lovely note:

“I know Spring is here… when the Peepers start singing. I read somewhere that none of the Peeper clan will make a sound until the eldest starts to sing. And sing they do, for love, for joy, for being able to be heard in the world one more season.”

Bob talked about these little singers as harbingers of the new season, helping us change “from the sting of winter to the balm of summer.”

Thank you for this lovely message, Bob. Like you, I am yearning for these small and enchanting voices to kick off the healing Spring!

In other happy news, the Boston’s Museum of Science has an amazing frog exhibit. If the $25 ticket price seems steep, the Boston Public Library offers $5 passes! You have to sign them out early, and the Boston passes go well before the regional branches.

Happy Spring!

Leap, Little Frog

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