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Frogs are super social. In a terrarium of say, five frogs, two or three of them will be pasted on top of one another. Frogs like company.

In addition to enjoying companionship, frogs also love and need furniture. They need places to climb, hop, and crawl. And just like us, they need their privacy.

After a week of trying to juggle a weird and overwhelming variety of office and home tasks, it is refreshing to reconnect with the basics: I, too, need a bit of good company *and* a clean, safe place to retreat and hide out. Take care of the basics and the rest will get done (or it won’t, but I won’t be as worried about it).

So today I am going to the Inman Oasis with some friends (social needs & water!). And them I’m going to tuck into my studio. I’ll clear out some of the old papers and organize my current material… make things clean and enticing, and make a little corner where I can hide out and write or read.

Like my frog brothers, I will always face a mountain of daily tasks in order to survive and thrive. And I can best accomplish the work of living when I am balancing my deep social connections with nourishing solo retreats.

Leap, Little Frog

a musician's musings on nesting, being creative, traveling, and parenting