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A frog must take good care to always hop in a safe, supportive environment. He is small and susceptible to predators, and his skin is sensitive and absorbs both beneficial and harmful elements into his little system.

As touring musicians, my husband and I sometimes find it challenging to get good food, rest, and exercise to ward off sickness, fatigue, and discomfort while also staying current with the families, friends, and community that sustain us *and* enjoying (and sometimes weathering) all the people and situations we meet on the road.

Sometimes finding this balance is easier than others. Our stay in Big River, Saskatchewan was one of the more nourishing and rejuvinating tour stops we’ve had.

We rolled into town with a mud-caked car after following our GPS’s “short-cut” suggestions. My back was throbbing for the third day in a row, since I didn’t just “sleep it off,” as I’d told myself I would when the aches first began. Getting out of the car, our jeans became streaked with orange mud from the side of the rental.

Our host and presenter Tilly welcomed us into her gorgeous home with a mud brush. After cleaning up we sank into welcoming arm chairs. Conversation was easy, her house was warm and clean, and taking in my surroundings I knew this was a safe, supportive place for a little frog like me.

Tilly and her husband Jack–and the town of Big River–proved to be exceptional hosts. Food and accommodations were wonderful. The venue (The Seventies Lounge!!) was fun and super funky, and filled with interesting and gracious audience members. After the show we chatted with people I’d choose to hang out with any day. Local restauranteur Bev (owner/cook at DG’s) invited us to have lunch the next day on the house.

As if we hadn’t already been treated to an exemplary welcome, Tilly and her magical friend Pat did Reiki and Quantum Touch on my back the next ay while Jack arranged for our car to be power washed!
So, a great gig, marvelous food, Reiki and a car wash offered us a big boost. But even if the concert hadn’t gone half as well, or if T + J had been dreadful cooks without healing hands and power washers, we still would have been richly sustained by the friendship and kindness the Big River gang extended to us so freely.

I’m taking good care to absorb every last bit of it, and to pass it on down the road.

Leap, Little Frog

a musician's musings on nesting, being creative, traveling, and parenting