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Frogs reach and leap for food, safety, and to connect with fellow frogs. When they are happy, and when they are in peril, they are forever propelling themselves forward in the world to do what they can to thrive.

I have been going through a particularly creative time. Sure, it’s marvelous and such a privilege to embark on rewarding performing, recording, and personal endeavors all at once. But it also requires a terrific amount of time and energy to DO and organize the administrative and financial aspects that can surround these projects.

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by the extra organizing/planning/tasks. Sometimes I forget to breathe… and to reach out to friends and family in the midst of my busy-ness. But when I do remember to stay connected and to reach, I am always carried back to safety.

Some time ago my friend Kerry had recommended Kickstarter, a a cool, grassroots way to raise small money for creative projects. So last week, in the throes of panic about raising the last bit of funds for my new flute CD, I signed my Blue Dress CD project up.

Whether I end up successfully raising funds through Kickstarter or not, the act of reaching out and asking for help had the same safe, calming effect of reaching out to friends in times of peril. Instantly I received a few pledges of support, and I was surprised at what a psychological boost that offered me.

Constantly my little frog totem reminds me to get my head out of water and keep leaping. Kickstarter may be just another small splash, but that’s really all life is. One little splash after another.

Leap, Little Frog

a musician's musings on nesting, being creative, traveling, and parenting