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I have a big break in work coming up–I’ll be very busy with big creative projects, but I’ll be off the road for a couple of months.

Looking forward to this time, I am scrambling to “finish” business… to solidify my post-sabbatical bookings, to finish and put promo measures in place for my new CD, to prepare my home for forthcoming family changes.

But it occurs to me that I am falling into my old perfectionist trap: it will all be blank (great? good? rewarding? blissful?) once I’m “done” with my to do list.

Duh. I’ll never be “done” with the list. There will always be stuff to do. And besides, once I’m “done” then what?

By taking a quick moment to blog, I am taking a break from my work. I can take breaks throughout my busy time. And, of course, I can (and will) remain busy during my break time.

Remembering to enjoy and savor whatever it is I am choosing to do at any moment is the key. (And with that I just took a deep breath, planted my feet more comfortably on the floor, and looked out of the window for a glimpse of the amazing Asiatic lily that will be in peak bloom for just a few days more…).

Leap, Little Frog

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