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I have a new little frog to love and to teach me how to listen (to myself and to the needs of people i love). He is tiny but demands constant attention and nourishment, so this post will be tiny… just enough to nourish my own needs to process this new creative project.

The real shocker in bringing a new kid into my family is this: in an instant there is this dramatic change and addition to my world. Suddenly stuff that seemed important takes a backseat to stuff I had not considered before. But with all this change, it is surprising to learn that it is still me-with all my strengths and tedious bullshit-who is maneuvering this new paradigm! Same old me with my same old gifts and limitations.

Welcome to humbling lesson #1 of 78,493. (And that’s probably just the first year?) Thank you, tiny frog mentor.

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Leap, Little Frog

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