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Boston’s Celtic Music Fest comes once a year. It’s an amazing weekend of music, dance, and catching up with lots of different friends in one convenient space.

For this year’s festival (just this past weekend), my goal was to appreciate every moment of performing and soaking up other people’s sets and company. In the past I haven’t done this as well as I would like–and I had a lot less in the way! This year, armed with a new baby and his feeding, changing, and attention needs, I was determined to drink it all in.

I did okay. I enjoyed myself and was more grateful than ever for all the friends who helped pull this year’s festival together. From Steph coordinating performer hospitality (and Kieran, Tina, Jules, and Sue for bringing gorgeous food and drink) to Hanneke coordinating the silliest Celtic spoof ever, I marveled at each person’s unique contributions to the weekend.

But I still found myself rushing around, and thinking of the next place I would have to be instead of being more still in each moment. And instead of staying until the very end, I ducked out before the last number of the Finale concert. As we loaded the family in the cold car and headed home, I wished I had been even more present and had been able to stick around until the very end.

And that’s when Matt handed me the beautiful afghan quilt our friend Robin had made. And I just sat in the backseat beside baby in car seat, wrapping this white/blue beauty across my knees and across Baby N’s lap. We are all doing our best, and it takes a lot of practice–and a lot of good, crafty, creative friends–to learn how to just enjoy the festival…

Leap, Little Frog

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