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I was just writing to my friend and fellow blogger Kerry Dexter about my Summer of Transition, or at least about my designs for big changes.

Big, sweeping, dramatic changes to my travel schedule are what I crave; but as my friend Liz helped me realize, it might be more practical and still helpful to aim for gradual, gentle ones at first).

As I was writing to Kerry, a tiny bird worked away at our bird feeder. He would fill up with seeds and then fly down to the ground, offering his mouthful to another little bird.

We are all planting and sharing seeds… Here were a few thoughts I shared with Kerry:

“I am in full-on re-imagining mode… [My husband and duo partner] Matt I have worked so hard to build up our performing career. Our dream was to have a substantial  schedule of gigs throughout the States, Canada, even Europe. We wanted to play our music for old and new friends, build our fan base, get our music out there. And, really, we’ve been able to do this. It didn’t look or feel the way I thought it would at times, but it really has happened.

And now I’m beginning to consider new creative roads. With the introduction of baby Nigel, the reality of shrinking audiences, and the weariness I am feeling after years of travel, I am ready for a change.

Of course, for the foreseeable future we will need/want to maintain some travels to perform.

But I’m already making some gradual, gentle changes. This is simultaneously exhilarating and exasperating. It’s scary to start over. It’s annoying to think of throwing any of that hard work “away” (though I know it all compounds, and starting something new doesn’ t need to mean complete distance from the past…)”

This summer is scheduled so thickly with festivals and concerts that I don’t have a lot of time to make new plans and put them into motion. But it never hurts to scatter a few seeds in the middle of the frenzy. You never know where they might land!

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