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I’ll admit it: I’ve never been a big one for organized group outings. Maybe I’m surprisingly shy. Maybe I am overly protective of my space. Maybe I am just cynical.

So when my trusted gal pal Ana suggested I check out some Mom groups, I hesitated.

But after a few people recommended I connect with a local Mom group, I registered with the online community. And I signed up to meet other Mamas this morning at Drumlin Farms, an awesome working farm baby Nigel and I have visited with Ana and her daughter.

Nigel and I arrived on time-ish. I waited for people in “the group.” No luck. I walked around the farm, keeping one eye out for people in my group. It all felt a little depressing. All I really wanted to do was check out all the new baby animals with my son on this glorious summer day. I found a group eating an early lunch and stopped to chat. Were they MY people? No, they told me, they were with the 19-month-old Sudbury group.

Whatever. After a weird interlude, I gave up and just relaxed and enjoyed the farm with Nigel. We giggled at goats, talked to sheep, even found a friendly cat who was happy to let Nigel pull at her fur.

For today, the Mass Audubon Society gets a star rating. And group outings remain for me, for the moment, odd and unsavory territory…

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