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My husband and I are musicians. And we’re parents. When we are onstage, we do our best to really be ON stage. But all our “backstage” experiences with our son (our little frog) deeply affect who we are as people, thus musicians. Recent insights:

I am writing a musical to perform for kids! We will play two matinees of Trad Kids [formerly named Trad Tots] in September:

  • Saturday September 15, 10:30am at Club Passim, 47 Palmer Street in Harvard Square
  • Saturday September 22, 10:30am at Club Passim, 47 Palmer Street in Harvard Square  
  • $10 for parents, $5 for kids. Babies are free, of course. It’s okay if babies fuss during the show. It’s okay to nurse during the show. It’s important to take tiny kids to hear music and see art, even if they make noise.

The show (about a group of critters who get together for a spinach and strawberry cupcake party) grew out of play with my toddler–we have been inventing characters like Agnes P. Mouse and Lenny Lizard for months.

Writing the show also grew out of my impatience for some of the music “made for [marketed to] kids.” Some of this stuff is obnoxious, cloying, unexamined. Kids are smart and discerning. Fun doesn’t need to mean dumb.

My cast of four lovable characters will be played by musicians I adore. And while the show is interactive/educational with simple refrain songs and new vocabulary words, I am committed to writing a show that also appeals to parents.

I am calling the show TRAD KIDS, since I am basing melodies and music games on traditional Irish songs, stories, and rhythms, and since roots-based music has a quality that always inspires me. I like building on something with integrity and timelessness.

I’ll be blogging about the show, as we get closer to launch date. Please do share the news with friends–even people who don’t have their own kids but are young at heart!

Leap, Little Frog

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