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My husband and I are musicians. And we’re parents. When we are onstage, we do our best to really be ON stage. But all our “backstage” experiences with our son (our little frog) deeply affect who we are as people, thus musicians. Recent insights:

It was chilly enough this morning for a scarf and cardigan. One of the first cool days leading into Autumn. I have pangs of melancholy as glorious, easy Summer begins to fade: before long, the days of no coats will be replaced with bulky layers and more time getting out of the house. No more flip flop jaunts to the playground! No more lazy afternoons in the frog sandbox!

But the hint of New England Fall colors helps to balance grief with appreciation and awe. And while my son is too young to go off to school, I can still seize the sense of renewal and optimism that Back-to-School can bring. Bring on the organizing, deck-clearing work sessions, repertoire overhauling! I love Jennifer’s post about letting go (of the kids, as they head to school), so they can unfurl their wings, while parents enjoy their own growth.

Some of my Fall resolves:

  • Seize opportunities for cultural/family fun in and around Boston. Two AMAZING resources for parents looking for great stuff to do with kids: Boston Central and Boston Mamas 
  • Splurge on something to symbolize the joy of a new season, a celebratory token of Fall (Design Mom inspires me to live beautifully!)
  • Use more fun grains, like Buckwheat. I’m going to try this awesome Pumpkin Pancake recipe with buckwheat flour. (Love this South Shore Mamas blog!)
  • Get some inexpensive, colorful onesies for friends’ babies (Michelle has her pulse on fun for Fall: why go white when you can go rainbow?)

(And sublime is the fact that I wrote this Blog post right after recording this promo video for my next Trad Kids performance…)

Here’s to a beautiful, bountiful Fall, busy with FUN!

Leap, Little Frog

a musician's musings on nesting, being creative, traveling, and parenting