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It’s a privilege to travel around to play concerts–especially when you get to return to favorite haunts filled with people you’ve known for years. Playing old chestnuts and introducing new numbers, revisiting shared memories with fellow music lovers and making some new ones… this is the grand payoff for the challenges and depleting aspects of travel (like when the babysitter falls through at the last minute!).

Enter social media: an effective way to extend the connections on the road and to share a slice of road life with friends far and wide. On our recent trip to the Plains States, we got to see and play for longtime pals in Lincoln and Kansas City. It was great to return to Hesston, KS again. And we had an action-packed visit to Arkansas with four appearances in just two days.

We travelled LIGHT. Just one small suitcase for two adults and one kid. A compact carry-on with Legos, art supplies and an ipad kept us busy in transit. The additional merch/sound gear suitcase stayed in the car every night, so hotel load-in was sleek.  And the minimalist mandate meant no laptops–too much bulk.

No worries. We have smart phones. I just reinstalled that Facebook app I’d removed from my phone a few years ago.

Wow: for someone with a track record of strong social media discipline, I was surprised at how difficult it was to stay away from the app. EVERY time I had an idle moment, I’d pull out the phone to check on friends’ posts, to “catch up.”

Having the FB app back on the phone was fun for a while. Such a convenient way to share our road adventures! But it was also a great reminder of how seductive social media remains for me. I love my pals… but I also have lots to stay on top of, and little time to do it.

So back at home, the app is off the phone again. I’m doing my best to stay up to date with friends the old fashioned way (while I’m at the computer). But for right now, I’m throwing the phone app back in the bin.. and getting back to all the Lego creations I need to make with my son. The phone app just adds too much baggage!

Leap, Little Frog

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