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If you’re tight on space, or craving more airiness for summer, an interior door can be a major bummer. It eats up wall space you could use to store, say, Legos. Here’s a doorway hack my mom and I invented last week:

IMG_1532 IMG_1530

First we hung a cotton curtain. But it flapped around and offered no sense of privacy or sense of enclosure.

So we weighted down the bottom with a few simple, but thorough steps:

  • We reinforced the TOP of the hem on the bottom of the curtain and sewed one edge tightly shut.
  • We poured traction sand (more like gravel than dusty sand) into the open edge
  • Once it felt heavy enough to weigh down, we sealed up that second edge. (About 2/3 full has kept it in place but hasn’t made it so heavy that it’d rip or pull down when open and hanging)

Sometimes things work the first time around. And sometimes they work with small and simple adaptations. Here’s to experimenting with habitats to make them as nourishing as they can be.

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