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My family benefits from home improvements big and small. Here’s one of the dumbest things we’ve ever done that has brightened every day.

We throw our dirty clothes down the basement stairs. And whenever we head all the way down, we toss the clothes in baskets.

This is a free, funny alternative to a laundry chute. It’s super convenient: I can tidy up quickly by simply tossing dirties down the stairs. And it makes me crack up every time I do it.

Ease and humor gives me more lightness. And this puts me in an auspicious frame of mind for writing music. Just last night I wrote and recorded a brand new tune, “Waltzing on Wash Day.”

Here’s to ushering the old dryer out (we’re replacing it this weekend). And here’s to having more fun with homemaking, whether it’s the extreme Kon Mari method of clearing out your home OR just throwing your dirties down the stairs…

Waltzing on Wash Day

by Shannon Heaton | Ode to an Old Dryer

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