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This past weekend, Matt and I performed/taught at Folk College, a wonderful weekend of world folk music with participants of all ages/levels. The experience was lovely, and everybody was so supportive of us doing the festival with our 8-month-old. Thank you, folk music community.

(Also, I overheard one person say I was a “Prog Mama.” Is this a common term? I love it. What a compliment.)

The only part of the weekend that wasn’t sublime was the morning we left Boston. Our plan had been to drive down. Ten hours in the car (make that 13 with stops for changing and feeding Nigel)… ugh. This was the frugal way to travel, and we had told ourselves it would be okay. But as we finished packing the car on Thursday morning I began to wilt. So much driving! On Memorial Day weekend. I don’t think I can do it! My poor baby in the hot car!!!

With desperation, I urged Matt to check the USAir site. Even with a MORNING OF purchase, I told myself there would be an affordable flight to Matt’s hometown of Pittsburgh (just a couple hours drive to Folk College from there). Little Nigel could visit Grandpa Charles for one night on the way there, we could borrow his car, and make the simple drive the next morning, arriving fresh, rested, and delighted with ourselves.

Ever frugal, and not big on changing plans, Matt not only humored me. He actually found and purchased two perfectly affordable flights (+ lap infant). We quickly re-packed. Our neighbor Christine shuttled us to the airport. And a few hours later we were strolling along the river with Grandpa Charles.

The weekend was a major success! And though plane tickets were more expensive than gas/tolls and basic road food (though not much more), we combined a fantastic family visit with work. And from this triumph, simple new goals emerge: more fun, adventure, and ease on the road.
Just as we have become more selective with our performance engagements (a gradual process as we become more established/experienced in our small field), so we will learn when to be frugal with our money and when to be frugal with our efforts. I aim to find places where these choices intersect!

Leap, Little Frog

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